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GrownDowntown is building the metropolis of the future by devising innovations and converting these to exciting products and projects. We have a progressive vision, strike new paths and are not afraid to take risks. This causes us to possess unique knowledge, experience, and an extensive network of innovators. We regularly share our insights and connections through presentations and consultations.




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Founder, Philip van Traa, is a keynote speaker on food and the city. After having run a landscaping business for 15 years, Philip’s love of architecture and urban design brought him a new challenge. With the mission to create a more sustainable city he started bringing plants and crops into the urban landscape. Always connected and informed Philip finds joy in sharing his knowledge and contacts to achieve this mission together.

Philip shared his knowledge at

∴ laluz Overspel 2015: De Eerlijke Voedselketen, 2015
∴ Breeders and Young Plant Producers Conference Dusseldorf, 2015
∴ Rooftop Festival – Rooftop Solutions, 2014
∴ De Rode Hoed, 2014

”We help companies and organisations to develop
new concepts surrounding food and the city and
help them in bringing innovations to the next level. We
see little future in keeping things to ourselves, we
share our knowledge and ideas to create a healthy city.”
– Philip van Traa


fruitbomen-afbeeldingProject Case: Gemeente Amsterdam

In the spring of 2015 we developed a project to increase the liveability in the city, together with Dutch Green Company and the city of Amsterdam. We gave 200 trees back to the residents of Amsterdam Oost that were cut down in the area. We did this by planting apple, cherry, plum and pear trees in the neighbourhood’s backyards. We accompany the residents with information to ensure them of a rich harvest.


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